Introducing New Subordinate: Biróg

by The Deity

The Gadfly Symposium is pleased to announce a new addition to our creative team: Biróg. Biróg will write on topics related to culture. She will bring her unique perspective on socio-cultural issues in media and common social practices.

Some readers may wonder if the site’s resident Deity mistakenly abridged Biróg’s name. Biróg will address her name in future articles, but it is sufficient to say at this moment in time that Biróg rejects the cishetpatriarchal conventions of surnames. She is committed to recovering and preserving her pre-colonized Celtic culture after millenia of British imperialism, a hxstory she addresses through her committed writer-activism. When interviewed for this announcement, Biróg insisted she not be reduced to the oppressive capitalist standard of work production. Perhaps most importantly, Biróg practices revolutionary self-care by baking the indigenous foods of her ancestors, such as soda bread.

The Gadfly Symposium and its Deity are certain its readers will only benefit from our new contributor. We look forward to her writing in the coming days!

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