The Deity (and subordinates)

The Deity

In the beginning, The Deity was attending a dreadfully boring meeting on zoom, so they created a website. Now the website was a dark, empty void in the dredges of the internet, and The Deity hovered their cursor over a button and declared, “Let there be Fira Sans font.” Once the Deity confirmed that Fira Sans was indeed different from the hellish Comic Sans, The Deity saw that it was all pretty good.

The Deity then realized that creating content was quite exhausting, and they did not possess enough time between dull meetings and straightforward work demands to finish creating the website. Unsure if it would still be good or remain unfinished (and, therefore, less good,) The Deity reached out to other creators to mold the shapeless site with content of their own.

The Deity is the creator of The Gadfly Symposium. They write for the website when they feel like it. You can follow them on twitter @TheDeity10 or send them an email at

Dash Owens

On a cloudy Tuesday, Dash Owens collapsed on the stairs outside his Brooklyn apartment after a run. He yanked down his damp gaiter, which he wore for the last three miles out of cultural solidarity with the other plague-fearing urban dwellers. He glanced at his phone to see a text from The Deity, who requested he join The Gadfly Symposium. Dash replied, “Is that the best name you could come up with?” Three dots danced and waved on Dash’s screen for a few minutes until The Deity finally said, “Look, I already paid a hundred dollars for this. It’s too late. Are you in or are you out?”

Dash was in.

Dash contributes short stories and the occasional essay when he feels particularly “hot” about a subject. You can contact him at

Leora Jasper

Leora resents The Deity. The day before The Deity created The Gadfly Symposium, Leora told The Deity that she wished there was a kind of “internet symposium” where people could write about topics because they were interesting to write about and not because they were interesting to an audience. She believed this had something to do with a larger critique of social media. “Everyone on Twitter thinks they’re a gadfly, but they’re not the gadfly! They’re the Thirty Tyrants who forced Socrates to chug hemlock!”

Leora is quite passionate, which is why The Deity wanted her to write for The Gadfly Symposium. The Deity insists the whole “whose idea was it?” affair is a Leibniz and Newton sort of misunderstanding. Leora agreed to join on the condition that she could insult and brutalize the good name of The Deity whenever she chooses. The Deity, in their profound magnanimity, agreed.

Leora contributes essays and reviews. You can follow her on Twitter @SnapperLj or email her at

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