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Unfinished (Chapter 3)

by Dash Owens First time reader? Check out chapters one and two. Maeve lost time. It wasn’t exactly an unconscious time. Similar to a dying lightbulb, she flickered off and on, to and fro. She thought she saw her apartment, but then she saw swirls of dark colors. Her existence stuttered in the few blocksContinue reading “Unfinished (Chapter 3)”

More Readers, Fewer Writers

by Leora Jasper Mark Twain famously warned all readers of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to not search his work for motive, moral, or plot; individuals who trespassed into this forbidden literary territory risked prosecution, banishment, and execution, which are punishments I suspect the author Italo Calvino fantasized for his own readers. Italo Calvino createsContinue reading “More Readers, Fewer Writers”

Unfinished (Chapter 2)

by Dash Owens Check out Chapter 1! The Brooklyn Public Library stands across from the oft-lauded Prospect Park and the distinguished archway of Grand Army Plaza. When Maeve was alive, she quizzed friends and family — “When was this arch commemorated? For whom? What?” She giggled when they fell into her trap and lobbed “theContinue reading “Unfinished (Chapter 2)”

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