A Voice From The Whirlwind (1.26.2021)

by The Deity

I have received criticism in recent days for using this column to contemplate the simple and easy; for seeing it fit to spend words on topics some characterize as cliche. I hardly know what to say except to point out that my sentences are composed for my own enjoyment, as well as the incidental enjoyment of someone who happens to click their way to The Gadfly Symposium.

Years ago, I was in a committed relationship that I viewed as a pinnacle, as the ultimate achievement of my existence. That relationship crumbled, and I won’t torment my readers with the sordid details of its demise. I will say this: it made me feel only one way about someone who prefers to give their opinions rather than say anything opinionated…I don’t give a fuck.

I like Stargate. I like everything Gillian Anderson has ever done. I like music, even if I am not gifted at performing or creating it. I like writing silly columns about it. I will continue to do so. And what if it pisses someone off that I chose such a self-important title for my column? I refer you to my statement above.

I mean, Jesus. It’s just a website.

And I am its Deity.

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